Board of Directors & Staff

Revised: Sept 26/14

The Infertility Network is an independent, incorporated, registered charity, governed by a voluntary Board of Directors:

  • Patricia Silver (Toronto, Ontario) President
    Professional musician, entrepreneur, founder & former owner of a small business, and co-founder  of the Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. Pat has played a significant role on many industry and non-profit boards of directors, including Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Association, Youth Employment Services, Toronto Musicians’ Association, Children’s Entertainment Association, Friends of Black Creek Pioneer Village, Beach Triangle Residents' Association, East Alternative Middle School and Beaches Alternative School. In 2010, Pat was named 'Citizen of the Year' by her Toronto neighbourhood. She has had close friends affected by infertility and has been a member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 1998.
  • Catherine Clute (Chester, Nova Scotia) Secretary
    Writer & editor. Former member of: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Stem Cell Oversight Committee; Board of Directors of: the Adoptive Parents Association of Nova Scotia, the Adoption Council of Canada, Chester & Area Family Resource Centre & the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada. Adoptive mother of a newborn (now a young adult) in an open adoption who has provided infertility support in the maritimes for 20+ years. Member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 1999.
  • Phyllis Creighton (Toronto, Ontario)
    Historian, bioethicist, community & social activist. Published author on ethical issues, having  written on donor insemination, surrogacy, the human embryo, and reproductive & genetic (RGT) use in the light of values. Former Member of the Health Canada Advisory Committee on RGTs. Lifelong community & social justice activist on many issues including: RGTs; family planning, family life & childbirth education; mental health; religion; the environment; and peace. Member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 2003.
  • Karen Lynn (Toronto, Ontario)
    ESL teacher. Reunited birthmother. President & co-founder, Canadian Council of Natural Mothers. Co-founder & member, Coordinating Committee, Coalition for Open Adoption Records (COAR), an Ontario-based advocacy group. Member of Adoption, Support, Kinship (ASK) board of directors, a support group for adopted adults, first relatives & adoptive parents. Former member of the Adoption Council of Ontario board of directors. Member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 2003.
  • Wendy Rowney (Toronto, Ontario)
    Museum curator. Reunited adopted adult. President, Adoption, Support, Kinship (support group for adopted adults, first relatives & adoptive parents). Co-founder & member, Coordinating  Committee, Coalition for Open Adoption Records, an Ontario-based advocacy group. Formerly VP - Adoption Council of Canada, Education Chair - the American Adoption Congress, and Board Member - the Adoption Council of Ontario. Member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 2003.
  • Barry Stevens (Toronto, Ontario)
    Adult Donor Offspring (conceived in UK via donor insemination in the 1950s). Documentary filmmaker whose film, Offspring, about his search for his genetic family, has been shown around the world & won numerous awards; the sequel, Bio-Dad, aired on CBC TV in 2009. Co-founder, The Alliance of People Produced by Assisted Reproductive Technology (APPART), an international support group for donor-conceived adults. Member of the Infertility Network Board of Directors since 2001.



  • Diane Allen (Toronto, Ontario)
    Co-founder & Volunteer Executive Director, Infertility Network. Mother via assisted reproductive technologies after many years of 'trying-to-conceive' and two miscarriages.
  • Allison Graham (Toronto, Ontario)
    Administrative Assistant since 1999.