Books: Donor Conception (for adults)

Updated: June 2018




The Anonymous Us Project: A Story-Collective on 3rd Party Reproduction
Personal stories by offspring, parents, donors, surrogates, adoptees & birthparents, written in the hope of inspiring more truth & transparency, & helping to shape healthier families & happier people.
Edited by Alana S. Newman, donor-conceived adult, musician, writer & mother;
founder of The Anonymous Us Project
Behind Closed Doors: Moving Beyond Secrecy & Shame
Essays by a DI dad, a formerly anonymous donor, Wendy Kramer (Donor Sibling Registry), Olivia Montuschi (Donor Conception Network) & 3 donor offspring. Designed to enable more open conversation for families, plus recommendations for change within the industry.
Mikki Morrissette & the Donor Sibling Registry
Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination
Combines research by the author & others, along with many years of conversations with offspring, donors, single, lesbian & heterosexual parents around the world, into a book that will contribute to the health & well-being of families everywhere. Parents share their stories, thoughts & feelings.
Ken Daniels, Professor of Social Work; counsellor; researcher; policy consultant to governments, professional & patient organizations; leader of patient preparation seminars.
Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman's Guide
Based on extensive up-to-date research, advice from child experts & family therapists, & conversations with more than 100 single women & their children, this book explores such issues as: Can I afford to do this? Should I wait longer to see if life turns a new corner? How do single moms handle the stress? What are the effects on the child? How do I answer a child's questions about "daddy?" Pros & cons of using a known, open-identity or anonymous donor.

Mikki Morrissette

Experiences of Donor Conception: Parents, Offspring & Donors Through the Years
Draws on the experiences of married, single & lesbian parents from families using sperm, egg & embryo donation; offspring; & donors. Explores the process from finding out about an infertility problem, deciding on donor conception, choosing a donor, discussing the decision with others, to considering whether & how to tell children about their conception, & how adult offspring feel. Practical suggestions, as well as in-depth consideration of the emotional & ethical issues involved, including access to information about the donor.
Caroline Lorbach, mother of 3 children via DI. Consumer advocate for the Donor Conception Support Group of Australia.
Families Following Assisted Conception: What Do We Tell Our Child?
Deals with the question of secrecy & openness in families who have children following DI, IVF & surrogacy. Addresses parents’ doubts, uncertainties & concerns. Offers the experiences & views of those who have already had to deal with these issues & the ensuing dilemmas in their daily lives as their children grow towards adulthood.
Alexina McWhinnie, PhD

Finding Our Families: A First-of-its-Kind Book for Donor-Conceived People & Their Families
An invaluable resource for parents, patients, offspring, parents, mental & medical health professionals, ethicists & policy-makers ­ which draws on the experiences & inspirational stories of donor-conceived people, their family members & extensive research to honestly & sensitively explore the challenges, complexities & joys involved. Offers thoughtful & practical strategies to support a child’s natural curiosity about their ancestry, genetic & medical background; integrate their birth story into a healthy self-image; & search for their donor &/or half-siblings if they choose to do so.

Wendy Kramer, Founder, Donor Sibling Registry, & Naomi Kahn, J.D., Professor of Family Law

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation
Compassionate support & essential information on the medical, ethical & psychological aspects to help married, single  or lesbian women & their partners, as well as gay men/couples, decide whether egg donation is right for them, using an anonymous or known donor.
Ellen Sarasohn Glazer, MSW
Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions & Building Strong Families
Addresses & empathizes with the complicated thoughts & feelings that can arise before & after heterosexual, lesbian or single parent family creation, while keeping a strong focus on the developmental needs of children.
Diane Ehrensaft, PhD,
The Offspring Speak: Report on the 2000 International Conference of Donor Offspring
93 page report highlights themes & recommendations arising from the conference. Includes a complete transcript of presentations by offspring & various experts, along with position papers from support organizations around the world.
Sherry (Franz) Dale, MSW & Diane Allen, Executive Director, Infertility Network
Relative Strangers: Family Life, Genes & Donor Conception
The authors explore the lived reality of donor conception in families by using in-depth interviews with parents & grandparents as they face the issue of incorporating 'relative strangers' into their families.

• Petra Nordqvist, PhD
• Carol Smart, PhD

The Right to Know One's Origins - Assisted Human Reproduction & the Best Interests of Children
Essays by offspring, health scientists. ethicists & legal scholars re secrecy, donor anonymity, international & domestic law, proposals for legislative change.
Edited by:
• Juliet Guichon, PhD
• Ian Mitchell, MD
• Michelle Giroux, PhD
Sperm Donor Offspring: Identity & Other Experiences
Explores how being an offspring affects people’s life experience & identity. Common themes: family secrecy, identity confusion, a sense of not fitting in & a need for ancestral connection. Includes resources for support.
Lynne Spencer, RN, MA (Psych) & donor offspring
Telling & Talking about Donor Conception
(separate versions for talking to children 0-7 yrs, 8-11, 12-16, 17+, or to family & friends; as well as a Guide for Relatives & Friends)
Written by a DCN co-founder (herself a parent of donor conceived young people & a parenting educator) and drawn from real family experiences of mums, dads, solo mums & lesbian couples, these books provide parents with a source of emotional support & practical guidance in finding the right time & language.
Olivia Montuschi, Donor Conception Network
Third Party Assisted Conception Across Cultures: Social, Legal & Ethical Perspectives
Authors from a broad range of professional backgrounds & 13 different countries in North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Australasia address many contemporary social issues including the role of the state in family creation, the changing forms & conceptualizations of a 'family,' & concerns about the potential commodification of body-parts & functions.
Edited by:
• Eric Blyth, PhD
• Ruth Landau
Truth & the Child 10 Years On: Information Exchange in Donor-Assisted Conception
Essays by donor offspring, egg donors, a DI mother, a mother through surrogacy, a family through adoption, as well as counsellors, researchers & lawyers, on the rights & needs of those born following assisted conception to know about their genetic origins.

Edited by:
• Eric Blyth, PhD
• Marilyn Crawshaw
• Jennifer Speirs

Who Am I? Experiences of Donor Conception
Essays by offspring about the impact of donor conception on themselves & their families, plus reflections by Dr. Alexina McWhinnie, a social researcher who has worked extensively in the area of assisted conception.
Alexina McWhinnie, PhD