Donor Conception: Blogs

Updated: November 2019

Child of a Stranger (Kathleen Labounty, USA. DI offspring)
Confessions of a CryoKid (Lindsay, USA. DI offspring)
Donated Generation (Damian Adams, Australia. DI offspring)
Donor Conceived Perspectives (International. DI offspring)
Frabjous Days (Elizabeth, UK. DI offspring)
Girl Conceived/Connect It
Journey Into the Bubble (Alison Davenport, UK. DI offspring)
My Father's Daughter (Stephanie Blessing, USA. DI offspring)
Offspring Girl
Searching for My Sperm Donor Father (various DI offspring)
Son of a Surrogate
Strange Conceptions - Musings on Being Donor Conceived
The Other Side of Surrogacy (USA. Surrogate offspring)
We Are Donor Conceived People
Who Do You Think You Are? (Rel, Australia. DI offspring)
Whose Daughter? (USA. DI offspring)

How We Became a Family (Teresa & Bernard Villegas, USA parents via IVF/donor)
Life as Dad to DI Kids (Eric, USA)
Olivia's View (Olivia Montuschi, co-founder, Donor Conception Network, UK; mother via DI)
Our Story Begins at Home - Resources, Information & Insights on Third Party Reproduction & Parenting (Sara Axel, mother via egg donation. USA)

By Donors
The Donor Who Dared to say "Don't" (Australia)

Children Have Rights: Say 'No' to Repro Tech (Veronica Thomas, Canada; former infertility patient)
Creating children, no matter how, in the quest to have a family (by Lorraine Dusky. birthmother)
Donor Offspring, Siblings, Parents
Proud Parenting
Sperm Donor Insemination (Linda Kingston, Adoptive parent)
Tangled Webs (an international group of adult donor offspring, parents & others who are challenging the practice of donor conception because of the deliberate fracturing of genetic kinship relationships which is an inherent part of the process, even when an identity-release donor donor is used.)