Egg donation

Updated: Nov 28/15

N.B. There can be significant risks to an older mother and her child from gestational diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, thromboembolic conditions and premature labour.

CANADA ($25,000+ per attempt, fertility drugs extra)

The wait for an anonymous donor egg can be long (1–2 years) unless the recipient is able and willing to pay large sums of money and travel to the USA or abroad, where women in financial need are recruited to sell their eggs. Some women ask friends or family to donate. Some clinics have arrangements whereby you can share the eggs of 1 donor with 1 or more other patients, thereby reducing your cost (but also the number of eggs you receive and your chance of conceiving); any children born via 'sharing' are 1/2 siblings of each other, as well as 1/2 siblings of the donor's own children.

In keeping with the prohibitions of the AHR Act which ban payment (beyond reimbursement for genuine expenses resulting from the act of donation) and advertising for human eggs, we do not list agencies, websites or other 'matching services' offering egg donation services. If you do decide to work with one of these businesses, please keep in mind that they are part of a totally unregulated industry (whether in Canada, the USA or elsewhere), so be sure to take every precaution you can to protect your own interests as well as those of any child(ren) who may be born. 


Donors: Risks & Experiences
Egg Donation for IVF and Stem Cell Research: Time to Weigh the Risks to Women’s Health. It’s Time for an Egg donor Registry and Long-term Follow-up. (Testimony by Jennifer Schneider, MD, at the Nov 14/07 USA Congressional “Briefing on Human Egg Trafficking”) 
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Recipients: Medical & psychological risks
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