Embryo adoption/donation

Updated: July 9/13

Embryo Adoption or Embryo Donation? The Distinction and Its Implications
(By Paige C. Cunningham, JD, The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity. 2003)
Embryo Adoption Study Flawed (By Laurie Frisch. 2004)
In the Best Interests of the Embryos? (By Ellen Glazer)
Embryo Adoption (By Professor Mary Lyndon Shanley, Vassar College)
Embryo donation is not adoption, says reproductive medicine group [ASRM] (Dec 7/09. BioNews)
Embryo donation is not like adoption (Dec 11/09. BioNews 538) A commentary by Dr Fiona MacCallum
Psychological Aspects of Embryo Donation (By Patricia Mahlstedt, PhD)
Embryo relinquishment for family building – what's in a name? [embryo 'adoption' vs 'donation'] (28 Nov 2011. BioNews 635. Op-ed by Eric Blyth & Lucy Frith)

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