Living Without Children

Updated: Sept 24/16


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A wealth of information & an invaluable source of support. Hearing the personal stories of people who are going through the same experiences as you, sharing the same hopes and frustrations, can help you to remember that you are not alone. The following seminars contain presentations by various people about how they made the decision to stop treatment.

  • Age & Fertility: What Are My Options?
    Adoption: Katherin Jones, Editor, Adoption Helper magazine
    Childfree Living: Sharon Corder, Actor & Writer
  • When is Enough Enough?
    Terri Driscoll (Stopped IVF, living childfree)
    The Decision-Making Process: Jan Silverman, Infertility Support & Education Program, Women's Health Centre
    Living with an 'incomplete' Family: Diane Allen (Secondary infertility)
    Panel Discussion: Personal Experiences
    • Sharon Gold (Adopted, then re-entered treatment)
    • Joanne Orliffe (Stopped donor insemination treatment & decided to adopt)
    • Lea Eliopoulos (Stopped IVF & adopted from the Ukraine)
    • Sharon Corder (Decided to live 'child-free' & fill her life with the children of friends)