News: Adoption

Updated: June 4/14

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Adoption Council of Canada
Family Helper

Western Australia Government to apologize re forced adoptions for unmarried mothers (1940s-1980s) (Oct 15, 2010. ABC News)

Denied over DNA (May 9/09. National Post)
Opening adoption records in Ontario prompts few requests for secrecy  (Globe & Mail. May. 26/09)
• Ontario: Expert Panel Releases Report on Infertility & Adoption (Aug 26/09. Press Release)
• Ontario: Raising Expectations: Recommendations of the Expert Panel on Infertility & Adoption
  (Aug 26/09)
Parents in waiting - With international adoption becoming harder, Canadians are facing the demand for patience, and an open mind, in the quest to build their families (Sept 2009. Today's Parent)
Ontario Agencies to face stiffer monitoring (Oct 1, 2009. National Post)
Baby wanted - My YouTube adoption. Hopeful couples are giving virtual home tours and flipping pancakes in three-minute video pitches to expectant moms (Oct 4/09. Globe & Mail)
Quebec proposes changes to adoption laws. Legislation would allow some children to maintain ties to biological family; open adoption also on the table (Oct 7/09. Globe & Mail)
Restart of bankrupt 'Imagine Adoption' agency gives new hope to 350 Canadian families (Oct 16/09. Family Helper)
• Ontario: Adoptees can find mom, but not dad. Searches are stymied by blacked-out records documenting the birth of 'illegitimate' children (Dec 10/09. Toronto Star)
• [Toronto mayorality candidate] Smitherman ‘intensely thrilled' to be approved for adoption (Feb 15/10. Globe & Mail)
In Some Adoptions, Love Doesn’t Conquer All (Apr 16/10. New York Times)
'I did not love my adopted child' (Apr 14/10. National Post)
Identical twins adopted from China by two different Ontario families grow up 400 km apart (Toronto Star. Mar 3/12)
Curtain lifts on decades of forced adoptions for unwed mothers in Canada (By Kathryn Blaze Carlson. Mar 9/12. National Post)
IVF and Adoption: Not Two Sides of the Same Coin (OpEd by Sarah Chapple, June 3/14. Impact Ethics)

Les Enfants X: denied their true identity (By Hannah Godfrey. The Independent. Aug 7/11)

Betty Jean Lifton Dies at 84; Urged Open Adoptions (Nov 26/10. New York Times)