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Updated: Apr 25/13

Having children late results in a variety of medical challenges that shouldn't be overlooked (Feb 15/10. The Times)
Trend toward delayed parenthood a wakeup call (By Carly Weeks. Globe & Mail. Sept 15/11)
IVF for women over 40 doesn't address the root of the problem - Involuntary childlessness is a growing blight on our society. How can we help people to make the most of their early fertility? (OpEd by Katherine Baldwin, freelance journalist & blogger. The Guardian. Feb 20/13)

Fertility & aging: do reproductive-aged women know what they need to know?  (Mar 17/09. Fertility & Sterility)
Expert urges women to test fertility at 30 (Aug 17/09. BioNews)
Late motherhood causes steep rise in Down syndrome diagnoses (& abortions) (Nov 1/09. BioNews 532)
More confirmation of rapid [female] fertility decline after 30 (Jan 29/10. BioEdge)
• Study shows rapid decline in women's eggs after 30 (Jan 31/10. BioNews)
Is the fertility time bomb really ticking? Why are women having children older and what are the consequences for society? (The Telegraph. Feb 7/10)
Mother's age linked to autism risk (Feb 15/10. BioNews)
Women delay childbirth due to false fertility expectations (By Tom Blackwell,. National Post. Oct. 13/10)
Are older mums selfish? (Oct 22/11. BioEdge)
Thirty-seven and counting. The harsh reality of women’s fertility decline (by Kate Lunau. Macleans Magazine. Oct 27, 2012)
UK: One in five IVF procedures are in women over 40 (25 Nov 2011. BioEdge) 
Mother's age at menopause may influence female fertility (12 November 2012. BioNews 681)
The Age-Old Question: The Impact of Age (07 January 2013. BioNews 687)

Study Finds Link Between Older Fathers & Lower IQ Scores in Children (Mar 16/09. BioNews)
'Selfish' tumor cells point to link between older fathers and genetic diseases (Nov 2/09. BioNews 532)
Father's age strongest predictor of genetic mutations (28 August 2012. BioNews 670)
Autism linked to older fathers (1 Sep 2012. BioEdge)
Older fathers may pass autism risk to grandchildren (25 March 2013. BioNews 698)