News: Clinic errors, disciplinary actions, lawsuits

Created: Jul 15/10
Updated: Nov 28/15

Is this the worst IVF scandal ever? (BioEdge. May 21/11)

Censured MD Daya working in Burlington (Jul 15/10. The Hamilton Spectator)
Lawsuit vs Dr. Norm Barwin re sperm mixup (Posted Sept/10)
Fertility specialist faces misconduct charges in treatment of 30 women (National Post. Dec 19, 2012)
Fertility doctor [Norm Barwin] quits insemination after sperm mix-ups (CBC News. Jan  7, 2013)
Fertility doctor [Norm Barwin] suspended after sperm mix ups (04 February 2013. BioNews 691)
Ottawa doctor [Norm Barwin] loses Order of Canada after sperm mix-ups ( August 2, 2013)
Markham Fertility Center sued over nurse's alleged affair with patient's husband (Aug 11/13. Toronto Sun)
Canadian company [Leia Picard  - Canadian Fertility Consulting] charged with illegal trade in surrogacy services, sperm and eggs (25 February 2013. BioNews 694)
Egg donor [Kylee Gilman] sues Toronto fertility doctor [Ed Ryan] after suffering stroke (By Alison Motluk. National Post. March 28/13)
Jacksonville lawsuit [Kylee Gilman vs Dr Ed Ryan] exposes the hazards of the unregulated international egg donor trade (First Coast News. July 23, 2013)
Insurer denies coverage for fertility doctor [Ryan] facing lawsuit [by USA donor Kylee Gilman] (Sept 20/13. CMAJ)
Paid for Her Silence: The Exploitation of Kylee Gilman (OpEd by Jennifer Lahl. May 2/14. Public Discourse, Witherspoon Institute)
Sperm is property, rules British Columbia appeal court (Canadian Lawyer. 14 January 2015)
The high cost of OB/GYN mistakes in Ontario (Toronto Star. Nov 28/15)
Is your OB/GYN on the list? OB/GYNs under the microscope (Toronto Star. Nov 28/15)

German doctors to support children conceived with 'stolen sperm' (30 April 2012. BioNews)

Hong Kong fertility clinic admits embryo blunder (Jul 21/11. BioEdge)

Rome hospital criticised for destruction of 94 embryos (16 April 2012. BioNews)

IVF mix-up: Thomson Medical fined $20k (Jun 22/11. Straits Times)

Court of Appeal rejects claim for 'different skin colour' following IVF mix-up (Jul 4/11. BioNews)
UK IVF errors treble in three years (Aug 22/11. BioNews)
Accidental destruction of sperm samples at Cardiff IVF clinic (Nov 21/11. BioNews)
Frozen embryos 'lost' by Ramsgate IVF (12 December 2011. BioNews 637)
Couple has children from different racial backgrounds following alleged IVF mix-up (08 May 2012. BioNews)
Another blunder at IVF Wales as donor eggs are destroyed (28 November 2011. BioNews 635)
Baby born with genetic disease after embryo test 'mistakes' (BioNews 785. 12 January 2015)

Connecticut fertility clinic gives patient wrong embryos (Jul 3/10. BioEdge)
The mother who had another woman's baby by mistake (Mar 22/11. Daily Mail)
California couple sue IVF doctor over ‘lost’ embryos (Aug 25/11. BioEdge)
Lawyers to investigate Chicago sperm bank malfunction (23 July 2012. BioNews 666)
'Stolen' sperm spawns twins, lawsuit (28 November 2011. BioNews 635)