News: Clinic errors, disciplinary actions, lawsuits

Updated: March 2018

Censured MD Daya working in Burlington (Jul 15/10. The Hamilton Spectator)
Lawsuit vs Dr. Norm Barwin re sperm mixup (Posted Sept/10)
Fertility specialist faces misconduct charges in treatment of 30 women (National Post. Dec 19, 2012)
Fertility doctor [Norm Barwin] quits insemination after sperm mix-ups (CBC News. Jan  7, 2013)
Fertility doctor [Norm Barwin] suspended after sperm mix ups (04 February 2013. BioNews 691)
Ottawa doctor [Norm Barwin] loses Order of Canada after sperm mix-ups ( August 2, 2013)
Markham Fertility Center sued over nurse's alleged affair with patient's husband (Aug 11/13. Toronto Sun)
Canadian company [Leia Picard  - Canadian Fertility Consulting] charged with illegal trade in surrogacy services, sperm and eggs (25 February 2013. BioNews 694)
Egg donor [Kylee Gilman] sues Toronto fertility doctor [Ed Ryan] after suffering stroke (By Alison Motluk. National Post. March 28/13)
Jacksonville lawsuit [Kylee Gilman vs Dr Ed Ryan] exposes the hazards of the unregulated international egg donor trade (First Coast News. July 23, 2013)
Insurer denies coverage for fertility doctor [Ryan] facing lawsuit [by USA donor Kylee Gilman] (Sept 20/13. CMAJ)
Paid for Her Silence: The Exploitation of Kylee Gilman (OpEd by Jennifer Lahl. May 2/14. Public Discourse, Witherspoon Institute)
Sperm is property, rules British Columbia appeal court (Canadian Lawyer. 14 January 2015)
The high cost of OB/GYN mistakes in Ontario (Toronto Star. Nov 28/15)
Is your OB/GYN on the list? OB/GYNs under the microscope (Toronto Star. Nov 28/15)