News: Egg Freezing

Updated: Feb 14/15

Fertility experts in moral warning over egg freezing (The Observer. Feb 1, 2009)
• Social egg freezing: trouble ahead? (Feb 9/09. BioNews)
• Women warned not to freeze their eggs for social reasons (Feb 9/09. BioNews)
Lord Winston labels egg freezing an 'expensive confidence trick' (Jul 3/09. BioNews)
New guidelines on egg freezing issued in UK (Nov 4/09. BioNews 533)
Fertility clinics entering ice age (By Marcia Kaye. The Toronto Star. May 26 2011)  
Dutch MPs to consider egg freezing policy (May 16/11. BioNews)
Growth of egg freezing blurs 'experimental' label (By Alison Motluk. Aug 23/11. Nature News)
Would-be grandparents pay for their daughters’ egg freezing (19 May 2012. BioEdge) 
Social egg freezing: A means  to achieving life goals before becoming a mother, or a question of ethics? (By Jodie Shupac, National Post. Oct 27, 2012)
Social Egg Freezing in the Race Against the Biological Clock (OpEd by Vardit Ravitsky. June 13/14. Impact Ethics)
There's nothing fun about an egg freezing party (Jan 26/15 FastCompany)
Freezing eggs to prolong fertility no guarantee of giving birth, researchers say (Canadian Press. Apr 14/15)