News: Fertility tourism

Updated: Jan 27/15

Quest for baby crosses borders (Feb 16/09. Calgary Herald)
Experts attack 'fertility tourism' industry (Sept 21/09. BioNews 526)
Paying poor foreign women for eggs is 'a kind of prostitution’ says fertility expert (Sept 19/09. TimesOnline)
US company selling IVF vacations (Nov 4/09. BioNews 533)
• UK/USA: IVF doctors to raffle human egg (March 14/10. The Times)
• Turkey: Ban on insemination trips abroad (Mar 15/10. BBC News)
Scots fertility clinic in row over foreign eggs (Mar 18/10. The Christian Institute)
Raffling motherhood on mother’s day: will it be buy one, get one free next? (Mar 14/10. CORE)
Problems with legislating against 'reproductive tourism' (By Zeynep Gürtin-Broadbent. Mar 22/10. BioNews)
Overseas [gamete donation] outlawed by Turkey (Mar 22/10. BioNews)
UK women flocking to Eastern Europe for cheap IVF (BioEdge. 10 Apr 2010)
Reproductive tourism nightmares (May 14/10. BioEdge)
What's driving UK fertility tourism? First study published (Jul 5/10. BioNews)
We need a code of practice for cross-border reproductive care (By Dr Francoise Shenfield. Oct 18/10. BioNews)
Unpacking Cross-Border Reproductive Care (By Zeynep Gürtin-Broadbent, Centre for Family Research, U of Cambridge, UK. Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Transnational Reproduction: An exploratory study of UK residents who travel abroad for fertility treatment (June/11. By Culley, Hudson, Blyth et al)
UK: Recommendations on cross-border reproductive travel published (Jul 4/11. BioNews)
Fertility treatment in Germany (By Petra Thorn, Aug 19/11. BioNews)
Booming reproductive tourism in Asia threatens local medical services (Sept 1/11. BioEdge)
Canada: Babies born abroad must be genetically related to 1 parent (Vancouver Sun. 06 January 2015)