News: Insurance/IVF funding

Updated: May 26/15

Opposition threatens to block Australian IVF bill (Aug 24/09. BioNews #522)
[Lesbian] 'minister's child provokes debate [re same-sex marriage, IVF access] (Aug/11. BioEdge, BioNews)

Funding fertility: the fight to have treatments covered (Aug 20/09. Globe & Mail)
Expert Panel Releases Report on Infertility & Adoption in Ontario (Aug 26/09. Press Release)
• Ontario: Raising Expectations: Recommendations of the Expert Panel on Infertility & Adoption
  (Aug 26/09)
Quebec may to offer free IVF (Mar 14/10. BioNews)
Manitoba: Fertility Treatment Tax Credit (posted Mar 29/10)
The right to bear children and, of course, we'll pay (By Margaret Wente. Feb 23/10. Globe & Mail)
Saying 'no' to the funding of assisted reproduction services in Québec (By Abby Lippman. May 25/10. BioNews)
Quebec women to get free [IVF] fertility treatments (Jul 13/10. Canadian Press) 
Quebec funds IVF … and manages to make life worse for infertile couples (By Marni Soupcoff. Jul 14/10. National Post)
• Quebec: No private options for in-vitro (Jul 14/10. Montreal Gazette)
In Quebec, infertility is now a disease. (By Margaret Wente. Jul 20/10. The Globe & Mail)
• Quebec: Assisted procreation: Ministry of Health & Social Services guidelines
• Quebec: In vitro alarms doctors. Free as of today. We don't have the  resources, specialists' federation says (Aug 5/10. Montreal Gazette)
• Quebec: IVF treatment: regulate, then fertilize (Aug 5/10. Globe & Mail editorial)
• Quebec: IVF in Quebec (The Current. CBC Radio One. Sept 16/10)
• Ontario: The heartbreak & politics of forming families (By Martin Regg Cohn. Apr 17/11. Toronto Star)
When the state funds IVF, the cost is too high for everyone (By Andre Picard. Globe & Mail. May 11/11)
Quebec: $40 million spent so far to set up publicly-funded IVF (By Louise-Maude Rioux Soucy. Le Devoir. Jun 9/11)
Ontario couple childless while Quebec parents enjoy fully-funded IVF (Aug 6/11. By Wendy Gillis, Toronto Star)
One-year wait for IVF in Quebec as program breeds success (By Aaron Defel. Postmedia News. Aug 10/11)
Funding IVF will save provinces money: Advocates (QMI Agency. Aug 11/11)
Poll: Ontario shouldn't fund IVF (Toronto Sun. Aug 24/11)
Fertile ground for human happiness (by Dr. Arthur Leader. Ottawa Citizen. Oct 8/11)
Section 7 of the Charter: a constitutional right to health care? Don’t hold your breath (By Nola M. Ries. Health Law Review)
Quebec: Assisted procreation costs under review (Globe and Mail. May. 14 2013)
• Quebec: Fertility specialist [Dr. S.L. Tan] battles MUHC in court (Montreal Gazette, Dec 10/13)
• Ontario: Ontario to fund in-vitro fertilization with a caveat -- one embryo at a time to cut risky multiple births
(By Tom Blackwell, National Post, April 9, 2014)
IVF and Adoption: Not Two Sides of the Same Coin (OpEd by Sarah Chapple. June 3/14. Impact Ethics)
• New Brunswick: Infertility treatment financial assistance fund launched (CBC News. Jul 15/14)
Will Quebec influence Ontario's IVF plans? (By Alison Motluk. May 25, 2015, CMAJ)

Danish government cuts funding for IVF (Jun 5/10. BioNews 561)

Germany to start paying families to use IVF to reverse shrinking birthrate (May 14/11. BioEdge)

Direct health services costs of providing assisted reproduction services in older women (Mar 3/09. Fertility & Sterility)
IVF couples told to set up internet cash appeal sites (Oct 28/11. London Evening Standard)
Fertility services in the new NHS (By Mark Johnson, BioNews. 28 May 2012)
Changes to NICE fertility guideline for same-sex couples (OpEd by Stonewall, UK LGBTQ charity. Jun 18/ 2012. BioNews)
Level of IVF funding in UK among lowest in Europe (09 July 2012. BioNews)
Third of UK women entitled to IVF turned away by GPs, survey suggests (03 September 2012. BioNews 671)
Funding boost for IVF in Scotland but smokers and overweight denied treatment in Fife (01 October 2012. BioNews 675)
Smokers denied access to assisted conception (Op-ed by Nicola Drury. 28 November 2011. BioNews 635)
Couple sue for IVF in landmark 'age discrimination' case (Telegraph. 01 December 2012)
UK justice secretary seeks to ban fertility treatment for prisoners (04 March 2013. BioNews 695)
Professor Robert Winston re 'The real cost of infertility? (Jan 19/15. BioNews 786. OpEd by Dr Kirsty Horsey)

A new industry – fertility finance (10 Mar 2012. BioEdge)
Want a baby? Need finance? (20 Jul 2012. BioEdge)