News: Male Infertility

Updated: Apr 11/13

• Study finds infertility link to testicular cancer (Feb 23/09. Reuters)
Anti-depressants may be linked to male infertility (Sept 26/09. BioNews #477)
Obesity may affect sex hormone levels but not sperm count (Oct 6/08. BioNews #478)
Household Chemicals Could Threaten Male Reproductive Health (May 17/09. BioNews #508)
Healthy diet may improve sperm quality (Jun 15/09. BioNews #512))
Father's genes affect embryonic development more than previously thought (Jun 22/09. BioNews #513)
Daily sex good for your sperm; intense cycling damaging (Jul 6/09. BioNews #515)
Idiopathic male infertility: a randomized controlled trial (Mar 6/09. Fertility & Sterility)
Antidepressants Linked To Male Infertility
Stress can enhance chemical damage to male fertility (Nov 1/09. BioNews 532)
Study shows infertile men can be good IVF candidates (Dec 7/09. BioNews)
Sperm linked to ART-related genetic disorders (Dec 7/09. BioNews)
A link between male infertility and epigenetic disorders in ART babies? (Dec 11/09. BioNews 538)
• ICSI: Test-tube boys may inherit fertility problems (Sunday Times, Feb 7/10)
Infertility linked to aggressive prostate cancer (Mar 29/10. BioNews)
Soft drinks linked to sperm quality (Apr 6/10. BioNews)
Mother's lifestyle and environment can harm son's fertility, review finds (Apr 26/10. BioNews)
OTC Painkillers in pregnancy linked to undescended testicles in sons (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Australian scientists magnify sperm to identify 'healthiest' (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Laptops and sperm: Scientists find angle of incidence (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Antioxidants could help men with low sperm counts (Jan 24/11. BioNews)
• New fertility test kit [SpermComet] for men developed  (Jun 13/11. BioNews)
Periodontal disease linked to infertility, miscarriage, heart disease <>  (Jul 11/11. BioNews)
Passive smoking damaged the DNA of mouse sperm <>  (Jul 25/11. BioNews)
Fatty diets could affect sperm quality (19 March 2012. BioNews 649)
Smoking and drinking have little impact on sperm quality but wearing tight pants does, study finds (18 June 2012. BioNews)
Daily dose of walnuts slightly but significantly boosts sperm health (20 August 2012. BioNews 669)
Sperm counts drop out near laptops using WiFi (05 December 2011. BioNews 636)
Research shows infertility link to DNA damage in sperm (19 November 2012. BioNews 682)
French sperm counts drop by a third over 17 years (10 December 2012. BioNews 685)
Too much TV associated with low sperm counts, says study (11 February 2013. BioNews 692)