News: Multiple births

Updated: Jan 20/13

Issues Related to Multifetal Reductions After Fertility Treatments (Mar 30/09. National Partnership for Women & Families)
Health of IVF twins worse (May 23/09. BioEdge)
Worse health for IVF twins; no harm in embryo freezing (May 26/09. BioNews #509)
New method avoids twins, maintains live birth rates (Jul/11)
Multiple Births - The Allure of Twins or more. What’s the reality? (By Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology. Posted Aug/11)

Australian mother adds twins to her two sets of quadruplets (Oct 19/09. BioNews 530)
IVF costs increasing Australian multiple births (May 10/10. BioNews 557)

Both parents of twins get [employment insurance in Canada] (Sept 18/09.
Experts seek to slash multiple birth rate (By Tom Blackwell. National Post, Jun 9/10)
Doctor decries in-vitro fertilization legacy of ‘sick babies’ (By Tom Blackwell. National Post. Sept 22/11)

New method avoids twins, maintains live birth rates (Jul/11)

• HFEA squeezes multiple birth limit to 20% (Feb 1/10. BioNews)
The perils of cheap fertility drugs (Op-ed by Professor Bill Ledger. Apr 21/10. BBC News)
One At A Time quarterly newsletter (Jul 19/10. BioNews)
HFEA sets targets for multiple births to 15% (Apr 11/11. BioNews)
HFEA publishes multiple birth report (May 16/11. BioNews)
NICE recommends more scans for multiple pregnancies (Oct 3/11. BioNews)
Rise in 'selective reproduction' due to increase in IVF, experts say (09 January 2012. BioNews 639)

Birth of Octuplets Raises Ethical Debate Among Fertility Experts (Feb. 4, 2009. Daily Women's Health Policy Report. )
Birth of octuplets to mother of six prompts investigation of US fertility doctor (Feb 16/09. BioNews 495)
Octomom's fertility doctor expelled from professional body (Oct 24/09. BioEdge)
Nadya Suleman's doctor is defended by colleague at medical board hearin, says fetal reduction 'essential for IVF' (Nov 17/10. LA Times)
The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy (By Ruth Padawer. New York Times. Aug 10/11)