News: Pre-Implantation Screening (PGD/PGS)

Updated: Feb 16/13

Screening embryos improves success rate (Nov 16/08. BioNews #484)
Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) screening technique for eggs 'may improve success rate' (Feb 1/09. BioNews #493)
Evidence Challenges Effectiveness of PGS for Older Women (Jul 1/09. National Partnership for Women & Families)
PGD could cause long-term problems (Jul 23/09. BioEdge)
Comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH) screening technique to improve IVF success rates (Oct 19/09. BioNews 530)
Study shows preimplantation screening is safe for singletons (Dec 21/09. BioNews)
• UK fertility regulator to allow destruction of embryos for minor defects  (Jan 29/10. BioEdge) 
• 'Embryo destroyed' stories came from nowhere  (Feb 1/10. BioNews)
'Wiping out human variation' (The Guardian. Feb 2/10) 
New screening technique may boost IVF success rates (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Preimplantation genetic [screening] oversold, say IVF experts (Mar 20/10. BioEdge)
New screening technique may boost IVF success rates (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
Couple have baby following new IVF technique (Feb 7/11. BioNews)
Germany now allows for life-threatening genetic defects (Jul/11)
Preconception testing and screening: Has the HGC covered all the bases? (by Dr Ainsley Newson.  Jul 25/11. BioNews)
How to make the perfect baby (Science will soon let us choose our babies' hair colour & athletic ability: should we? (Stylist. Jul 20/11)
Prenatal testing: reproductive freedom or brazen discrimination?  (By Ilana Yurkiewicz. Science Progress. Jul 18/11)
The case against designer babies (By Shelley Fralic, Vancouver Sun. Sept 23/11)
Reflections on the ethical debate surrounding non-invasive prenatal genetic diagnosis (By Vardit Ravitsky,
Sept 12/11. BioNews)
Embryo testing stokes concern over designer babies (Postmedia News. Sept 18/11)
Chromosome analysis [comparative genome hybridisation - CGH] increases IVF success (31 January 2012. BioNews 642)
Australian IVF doctor sued for $11m after child born with a genetic blood clotting disorder (06 Feb 2012. BioNews 643)
 • Parents can have a duty to use IVF, say bioethicists (Apr 13/12. BioEdge)
IVF clinics already offering “breast cancer-free” embryos (6 Jul 2012. BioEdge)
Will International Criminal Court hear complaint about Down Syndrome eugenics? (7 Jul 2012. BioEdge)
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for cancer risk during IVF is feasible, study indicates (09 July 2012. BioNews 664)
Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford ethics professor, Julian Savulescu (16 Aug 2012. The Telegraph)
Italian ban on embryo screening violated couple's rights (03 September 2012. BioNews 671)
Chromosome screening may increase IVF success in older mothers (29 October 2012. BioNews 679)
IVF embryo testing gets go-ahead in Ireland (03 December 2012. BioNews 684)