News: Sex selection

Updated: Aug 18/13

Australia considers lifting ban on sex selection (Mar 15/10. BioNews)
Sex selection unlikely in Australia, says bioethicist (BioEdge. Apr 10/10)
Couple abort twin boys in desperate bid for IVF girl (By Shelley Hadfield. Herald Sun. Jan 08, 2011)
Australian couple fight for right to choose the sex of their child (Jan 24/11. BioNews)

Desperate mothers (Oct 3/09. Toronto Star)

Mothers may be forbidden from knowing sex of unborn baby in Europe: ruling (Sept 16/11. BioEdge)

India cracks down on sex-selection (Nov 14/09. BioEdge)
Google and Yahoo under attack for sex selection ads (Dec 05/09. BioEdge)
Indian women go to US to use sex selection to have sons (Jun 18/11. BioEdge)

Sex selection OK in Sweden (May 15/09. BioEdge)

Liverpool hospital to investigate 'sex selection' claims (Feb 21/11. BioNews)
Wealthy couples flock to USA to avoid UK sex selection ban, IVF medic claims (03 September 2012. BioNews 671)
Newspaper sting uncovers sex-selective abortion in UK (25 Feb 2012. BioEdge)

Selecting for Sons: Indian Women in the US (By Marcy Darnovsky. Apr 27/11. BioPolitical Times)
Indian women go to US to use sex selection to have sons (Jun 18/11. BioEdge)

• Gender disappointment. (the issue of sex selection, including a family who had 6 girls before the longed-for boy. Feb 26/10. Daily Mail) 
How far would YOU go to choose the sex of your child? (Daily Mail. Mar 16/11)
New test reveals fetus’ sex as early as 7 weeks (BioEdge. Aug 12/11)
Is gender selection of a fetus ethical? (By Vardit Ravitsky. CNN. Aug 16/11)
Ethics & fetal testing (By Arthur Caplan. MetroWest Daily News. Aug 14, 2011)
Rethinking Sex Selection: A Feminist Critique (by Alana Cattapan. Aug 13/13. Impact Ethics)
Embryo Sex Selection Shouldn't Be Illegal (by Stephen Wilkinson & Eve Garrard. Aug 18/13. Impact Ethics)