News: Surrogacy - India

Created: Oct 29/11
Updated: Oct 28/13

Warning to couples on Indian surrogacy laws (Jan 26/09. The Age)
Thanks, India, where bundles of joy are less than a bundle (Jan 24/09. The Age)
Poverty makes surrogates of women in Gujarat (Apr 24/09. Wall Street Journal)
Inside India's international baby farm (May 9/10. The Times)
Surrogacy: profession or exploitation? (May 22/10. BioEdge)
Special delivery: embryos by courier (BioEdge. Sept 4/10)
Caste still an important factor (Oct 2/10. BioEdge)
FedEx your embryo to India (Oct 2/10. BioEdge)
Indian doctors seek clarity on embryo import law (Oct 15/10. BioEdge)
India debates new surrogacy laws (Feb 7/11. BioNews)
India moves toward regulating assisted reproduction and surrogacy (BioEdge, Feb 18/11)
Birth of surrogate child highlights difficulties with Indian surrogacy laws (Feb 21/11. BioNews)
Deaf, mute gay [USA] couple becomes new parents (By Nikita. IBN Live. Jun 17/11)
A baby for gay, deaf, mute [USA] couple? It’s cruel (Deccan Chronicle. Jun 20/11)
Gay couple to return home to US with their bundles of joy (DNA. Jun 14/11)
Womb for rent: A tale of two mothers (Jul 27/11. BBC)
Indo-French baby trade commission (Jul 27/11. Ahmedabad Mirror)
Surrogate motherhood not only for barren parents: Israeli court (BioEdge. Jul 29/11)
Defending the rights of surrogate mothers in India (Oct 15/11. BioEdge)
Lost in surrogacy’s Bermuda Triangle (3 Feb 2012. BioEdge)
Women’s rights violated in India’s surrogacy capital: study (10 Mar 2012. BioEdge)
Women strap on bellies to keep surrogacy secret (5 May 2012. BioEdge) 
Indian surrogate for US woman dies in Gurjarat (18 May 2012. BioEdge)
Family of Indian surrogate gets some compensation for her death (26 May 2012. BioEdge)
Surrogacy a US$2.3 billion industry in India, with 1,000 clinics (2 Jun 2012. BioEdge)
The Indian surrogacy industry – and why we need to reform UK surrogacy law (Op-ed by Natalie Gamble, UK fertility lawyer. BioNews. 06 June 2012)
Britons paying up to £25,000 for Indian surrogate babies (06 June 2012. BioNews)
British couple paying £20,000 [US 32,500] for a desperately poor single mother to have their child (Daily Mail.  31 Aug/12)
India cracks down on surrogacy (18 Jan 2013. BioEdge)
Police investigate Ahmedabad surrogacy racket (18 Jan 2013. BioEdge) 
Are US media finally discovering the exploitation in India surrogacy? (13 Apr 2013. BioEdge)
The UK couple having 4 babies by 2 Indian surrogates (27 October 2013. BBC)