News: Surrogacy - UK

Updated: Oct 28/13

UK government to review parenthood following surrogacy (Sept 7/09. BioNews 524)
Intending mothers fight for maternity leave following surrogacy (Oct 29/09. BioNews 532)
British surrogate to give birth to her 8th child (Jan 14/10. BioEdge)
Fertility tourism, parenting orders and surrogacy (The Guardian. 05 April 2010)
At 24, Louise has given away 2 babies & is trying for a 3rd - Why DOES she do it? (May 20/10. Daily Mail)
Sister set to become surrogate for gay brother (Nov 15/10. BioNews)
High Court allows surrogate mother to keep baby (Jan 31/11. BioNews)
Inside story of failed surrogacy agreement in UK (BioEdge, Feb 18/11)
'We don't know who the daddy is': Elton John & David Furnish reveal they contributed equally to 'mixing process' banned in Britain (Jan 19/11. Daily Mail)
• 'The surrogate kept our baby' (News of the World. Apr 3/11)
Surrogate mother who kept baby wins claim for support (BioNews. Apr 18/11)
Woman, 23, conned childless couple out of their savings by posing as surrogate. (Oct 27/11. Daily Mail)
UK High Court grants parental orders in Indian surrogacy case (12 December 2011. BioNews 637)
Britain’s super-surrogate pregnant again – with twins (3 Mar 2012. BioEdge)
UK surrogacy mum wants maternity leave (BioEdge. 24 Mar 2012)
Maternity rights for women using surrogate mothers raised in UK Parliament (23 April 2012. BioNews)
The Indian surrogacy industry – and why we need to reform UK surrogacy law (Comment by Natalie Gamble, UK fertility lawyer. BioNews. 06 June 2012)
Britons paying up to £25,000 for Indian surrogate babies (06 June 2012. BioNews)
Lies, damned lies & surrogacy (Op-ed by Richard Adams, lawyer. 13 August 2012. BioNews 668)
UK High Court awards parenthood to male couple after Indian surrogate disappears (08 October 2012. BioNews 676)
Surrogate mother of 13 calls it a day (11 Nov 2012. BioEdge)
Rights to maternity leave granted to parents through surrogacy (26 November 2012. BioNews 683)
The UK couple having 4 babies by 2 Indian surrogates (27 October 2013. BBC)