News: Surrogacy - USA

Updated: Feb/15

Her Body, My Baby (Nov 28/08. New York Times)
Rent-a-Womb Is Where Market Logic Leads (Dec 10/08. Wall Street Journal)
Beverly Hills surrogacy firm accused of fraud (Mar 26/09. San Francisco Chronicle)
Fetal Foreclosure - If you stop paying a surrogate, what happens to the fetus? (Mar 24/09.
Surrogacy makes for a perilous path to parenthood (Mar 29/09. LA Times)
Indiana court reverses surrogate adoption (Apr 9/09.
Surrogacy scandal centers on Texas woman (Apr 26/09. Dallas Morning News)
• Surrogacy: Wombs for Rent? Are babies being bought and sold in the United  States? (Sept 18/09. PBS)
• Americans using surrogacy to create made-to-order babies (Dec 18/09. BioEdge)
21st-Century Babies - Building a Baby, With Few Ground Rules (Dec 12/09. New York Times)
US court to decide legal mother of surrogate baby boy (Feb 7/10. BioNews)
Will adoption have to compete with surrogate mothers? (by Jared Yee. BioEdge. Jun 4/10)
Bill to clarify surrogacy laws passes Wash. House (Feb 28/11. SeattlePI)
WA State surrogacy bill alarmingly short of protections (By Mark Miloscia. State Rep. D. Apr 10/11. The News Tribune)
IVF mix-up mum [Carolyn Savage] to have twins with a surrogate (Apr 9/11. BioEdge)
American women become surrogates for foreign couples (Apr 15/11. BioEdge)
Some NJ Surrogate Kids [via anonymous eggs] Born Motherless (May/11. MyFoxPhilly)
Baby-Selling Enterprise Busted, 3 (Incl lawyers Therea Erickson & Hilary Neiman] Plead Guilty  ABC News. Aug 10/11)
Surrogacy Scandal Raises Question About Regulation (A/P. Aug 11/11)
Scam targeted surrogates as well as couples (LA Times. Aug 13/11)
Taxpayers Paying Costs Linked To Baby-Selling Operation (10News. Aug 11/11)
When the Family-Challenged Are Betrayed by Trusted Professionals (By Pat Johnston. Aug 15/11. Perspectives Press Blog)
Babies for Sale, Buyers Beware (By Jennifer Lahl. Centre for BioEthics & Culture Network. Aug 17/11) 
New York Mom of Twins Born Through Surrogate Sues Employer for Denying Maternity Leave (ABC News. Sept 2/11)
Chinese surrogates relocate to US (Aug 24/11. BioEdge)
Woman denied maternity leave after surrogate birth (Sept 19/11. BioNews)
Unborn babies sold to highest bidder (Oct 21/11. CNN)
Surrogate mother hit with $217,000 medical bill after parents flee U.S. with baby twins... AND money they promised to pay her (Oct 27/11. Daily Mail)
Bioethics and the 2012 election: Romney’s surrogate grandsons (5 May 2012. BioEdge
2 New Grandchildren for Romney, With Help of Surrogate (New York Times. May 4, 2012)
New Jersey surrogacy bill could allow paid surrogate “carriers” (9 Jun 2012 . BioEdge)
New Jersey governor vetoes commercial surrogacy (17 Aug 2012. BioEdge)
Legal adventures 3: NJ surrogacy case dashes mother’s hopes (3 Nov 2012. BioEdge)
New Jersey governor vetoes commercial surrogacy (17 Aug 2012. BioEdge)
Overseas couples go to US in search of surrogate mothers (3 Dec 2011. BioEdge)
First of three women [Neimam, Erickson, Chambers] in US 'baby-selling' ring sentenced (05 December 2011. BioNews 636)
Agency refers to surrogacy/egg donation as 'work' (18 Jan 2012. BioEdge)
New Jersey Supreme Court deadlocked over maternal status in surrogacy (29 October 2012. BioNews 679)
Paying the bills with surrogacy fees (5 Nov 2012. BioEdge)
Surrogate (Crystal Kelly) refuses $10,000 to abort child (7 Mar 2013. BioEdge)
US surrogacy dispute: surrogate (Crystal Kelly) refuses to abort at genetic parents' request (11 March 2013. BioNews 696)
The newest Chinese luxury item: American surrogate mothers (The Week. Sept 24/13)
• Miracles Egg Donation Owner admits to defrauding egg donors, surrogates at Glendale company (Feb 19/15.