News: Surrogacy - Canada

Updated: Apr 18/13

Born to surrogate, child has no legal mother, Quebec judge rules. (Mar 11/09. CBC )
Couple urged surrogate to abort fetus due to defect. (By Tom Blackwell, National Post. Oct 6/10)
Don't let market forces govern human procreation (Juliet Guichon. Nov 22/10. BioNews)
Assisted Reproduction (Dec 17/10. The Current. CBC Radio) (Re a Canadian couple who went to India to hire a surrogate, and 4.5 years later are still stranded there because DNA testing revealed that 1 of their twins is not the biological child of the father and therefore the Canadian government refused to grant citizenship to that child.)
When granny gives birth to her grandson, there’s something wrong (By Margaret Somerville. Globe & Mail. Feb 19/11)
Surrogate mother’s nightmare (Toronto Star. Sept 9/11)
Secret truth behind Canada’s baby market (By Adrian Humphreys. Sept 16/11. National Post)
Surrogates often deeply upset by the process: study (By Tom Blackwell. National Post. Sept 23/11)
Pregnant surrogates ‘left in the lurch’ after RCMP raid fertility consultant’s office (By Tom Blackwell. Mar 1/12. National Post)
Fertility consultant at centre of RCMP raid in the dark about reason for investigation: lawyer (By Tom Blackwell. Mar 1/12. National Post)
Ontario fertility raid linked to US 'baby-selling' scandal (By Tom Blackwell. National Post. Mar 5/12)
Canada’s murky legal world of surrogate-consultants and human-egg buyers (By Tom Blackwell. Mar 9/12. National Post)
‘Business has boomed’: Canadian surrogacy agent facing 27 charges continues her controversial work (By Tom Blackwell. National Post. Mar 17/13)
Canadian surrogates get hefty bills as hospitals start charging when babies heading to foreign parents (By Tom Blackwell. National Post. 2013/02/21)
Defiant fertility consultant at centre of criminal case plans summer tour to meet surrogate mothers, egg donors
(By Tom Blackwell, National Post. July 13, 2013)