Updated: March 2020

All fertility drugs sold in Canada have to meet high standards set by the federal government; therefore, the drugs you buy will be exactly the same, regardless of which pharmacy or clinic you purchase them from. However, there can be a huge variation in price between pharmacies, as well as between pharmacies & clinics. You may be able to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, by purchasing your drugs from the following pharmacies which ship anywhere in Canada (as long as you have a prescription from a Canadian doctor) and typically offer lower prices than those charged by clinics or other pharmacies. Even if you have insurance, please keep cost in mind since your decision can impact other patients: employers and insurers tend to eliminate or cut back on coverage for fertility drugs because of the high cost.  Therefore, the lower your claim, the more likely they are to continue coverage which will help other patients in the future.

Glen Shields Pharmacy, 905-669-6851 (price = wholesale cost + 2%, no dispensing fee)
Prescription must be from a licensed Canadian physician; it can be presented in person; or phoned, faxed, mailed by you or your physician; & picked up, or couriered (same or next day), for an additional charge. Payment by Visa, M/C, certified cheque or cash